Kompogiorgas Shipyard

Wooden Boatbuilding and Creations inspired by classical Hellenic shipbuilding culture.

About Kompogiorgas Shipyard 

Kompogiorgas Shipyard is one of the last traditional boatbuilding enteprises in Hellas .

Established in 1960 by Pappou Athanasios (Grand Father) , the family owned bussines is a prioneer in the region.

Headquarter in Spetses , Greece , Kompogiorgas Shipyard specializes in custom made wooden boats , yacht pleasure , and decorative wooden boat scale models , 

with orders over 20 countries worldwide and increasing recognition worldwide .!


Is The first electricity-powered traditional wooden boat.

This innovative step , acts as a prototype for a carbon-neutral initiative in the Mediterranean.

Our goal is to blend traditional craftmanship with modern technology to build a greener future !